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Updating texlive

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It is based on upstream packaging metadata and an automated license audit is performed.Packages are now composed from schemes and collections to define a package set user needs to install to use a particular Te X Live feature.The compiler is going to search packages first in this location.I did so for example with the biblatex package since it is not part of the Te X Live distribution.I looked for it with locate and tlmgr in a superuser console gives : "bash: tlmgr: command not found"... I had assumed that you had installed Te Xlive 2009 directly -- didn't realize Te Xlive 2009 was available at all in (--it's still not in except as unstable; they are still distributing TL2007). I already thought about submitting a note to the maintainer of the distribution packages and ask him if it is at least possible to get a monthly update for those RPM packages which contain the architecture independent La Te X packages.

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To find out what other packages are available and what they do, you should use the CTAN search page which includes a link to Graham Williams' comprehensive package catalogue.Most La Te X installations come with a large set of pre-installed style packages, so you can use the package manager of the Te X distribution or the one on your system to manage them. Once you have identified a package you need that is not in your distribution, use the indexes on any CTAN server to find the package you need and the directory where it can be downloaded from. If on an operating system with a package manager or a portage tree, you can often find packages in repositories.With Mik Te X there is a package manager that allows you to pick the package you want individually.Fedora 18 and newer: Te X Live is part of mainline distribution. The following is valid for Fedora 17: Stay stuck with Te X Live 2007.TODO Te X Live 2012 is now introduced with improved packaging scheme that saves download bandwidth and disc size.That hopefully minimises problems with documents that work on Overleaf but not locally or vice versa.