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Warren Steed Jeffs (born December 4, 1955) is the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) and a convicted felon currently serving a sentence of life plus 20 years.
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They wanted me to come in for an interview at today so I called my mom and this is what she told me.

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You are required to use (FIVE) minutes alishawilliams10: Welcome To Adaptec Company. alishawilliams10: Next would be the briefing about the Job and the company. Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. While holding this conversation with this scammer , I called the company because I found it a bit odd that the interview was on a yahoo messager with a personal username . they had told me I was the 50th person who called today and this scammer been doing this for months now putting their companies name in the dirt.Da Vita Careers has been made aware of a phishing, job recruitment scam in which third parties are fraudulently representing themselves as recruiters of our company.These scammers are posting fake Da Vita job openings and communicating with job candidates in an effort to obtain personal information and money.I received a text message fro a Mrs Hollins Schepper from Medinous HMS Healthcare. I responded and told her that if she had the ability to text me, she also had the ability to call me. This is one of your odd jobs and you are trying to commit FRAUD and authorities have been on to you NO REPLY, THAT'LL SCARE HIM. She said my resume was selected from for an online interview with her company by her HR Dept for the position of Receptionist/Administrative Assistant. I replied, "Yes, I'm interested." She asked if I needed benefits and she wanted to know if I had a Gmail Account or Yahoo Account because she needed them in order to proceed with the interview and to talk more about the pay and company duties. I was so excited but I knew it was too good to be true. e.washington4: Well I found out that you are a scam artist. e.washington4: The more we talked yesterday, the more they are able to track down the culprit based on the machine you're using. Raymond Randy: You are talking sh*t e.washington4: Congratulations Raymond Randy: Thank you but i must say you are big clown and you are not ready to make a living Last message received on 4/29 at AM e.washington4: You're not even making a living.I'm not giving up any information and furthermore since when do potential employers text people with whom they would like to interview? I received this email yesterday after responding to a job posting on craigslist.