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Here is a test which creates one million profiles in memory, looks them up and creates chat entries, which is removed later. For connecting users you first dumped user DB with million users and then started looping through the user DB connecting users.

The average time per operation was 640 ns (nano-seconds, or billionths of a second) If you use synchronization it will be slower (and you must if you are accessing using multiple threads). But in real application each user has to insert into userdb first and then start looping around(that's like million users searching at a time on shared resource for suitable match).

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After his arrest in 1999, Naughton was fired from Infoseek.please help me to identify the bottle necks or tools needed to find them. Perhaps consider queuing all of the hits on the DB?import *; import *; import *; import javax.servlet. So, instead of having the clients directly interact with the DB, send their input to a process that handles queuing.i tested the connection code with 100 simulated users hitting the server at once using jmeter but i got 40 secs as average time :( for all of them to get connected with min time taken by thread( 2 secs ) and max time( 80 secs). Once two users get connected they update their stranger's column with eachother's randomly generated unique number.My connection database table has the followng structure two columns connect(user,stranger) and my servlet code is shown below. i'm using c3p0 connection pooling with min 100 threads open and jetty with min 100 threads. Http Servlet Response; import javax.naming.*; import *; public class connect extends Http Servlet I would guess the lag is coming from all 100 clients attempting to hit the DB at one time.After that provided them they were not seeing the sample by netas.