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That was a crap night wasn’t it’ Said no man, ever. You don’t know the meaning of the words unless you’ve had a night out in Ireland. On the plus side, research shows drinking Guinness can help reduce the risk of a heart attack – and after four pints is more likely to guarantee a snog at the end of the night. Irish men are hearty eaters Ireland is famous for oysters, the food of love – but if you’d rather pickle your own eyeball than eat one, there’s plenty more to choose from.

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Her popularity was cemented in 2008; she was selected by Mexico's youth to became one of the first Latin women to have an iconic Barbie doll fashioned after her.

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The promotional poster for Mi Pecado which depicts six of the main characters.

In the center: Julián (Eugenio Siller) and Lucrecia (Maite Perroni).

Like many Mexican telenovelas the cast comprises young, attractive actors, and many of the plotlines revolve around suspense, heavy struggles, love and romance.

Already well known as a fashion model in Mexico, Jarabo debuted in 1993 in El Peñón del Amaranto as Amaranta.At the bottom, from left: Gabino (Sergio Goyri), Rosario (Daniela Castro), Justina (Sabine Moussier), and Rodolfo (Francisco Gattorno).Mi Pecado is a Mexican telenovela that aired on El Canal de las Estrellas in 2009.Her latest Cd, on the Warner Brothers label, released in September 2014 was an instant success and quickly climbed it's way to #2 on the Billboard 100 charts.2014 also saw the launch of her own clothing line, known as Coleccion Maite Perroni.Maite Perroni and Eugenio Siller star as the young protagonists; Daniela Castro stars as both the adult protagonist and antagonist while Sabine Moussier, Jessica Coch, Altaír Jarabo and Armando Araiza star as the main antagonists.