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Dating fatigue

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It used to be that most people met while going about their lives.

At work, at the gym, at church, though mutual friends.

A single bad date can sometimes be enough to turn you off of dating completely.

I'm not talking about just the ones where the guy talks only about himself, tells offensive jokes, or is a little too touchy-feely.

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Especially if you've had to leave your job or cut way down on socializing, it can become hard to meet anyone you might be interested in dating.but I do find dating stressful, and I wonder whether it’s helping me.Mind you I’m single, and that’s stressful in its own way too. But how do you know if it's really time to take a break, or if you should hang in there and keep at it? It's Time to Take a Break If: Your self-worth is shot.A hot date can certainly be a confidence-boost, but if your entire well-being depends on whether or not someone texts you back, it might be time to reevaluate the rest of your life.Again, all these symptoms can occur at the same time.